Arclight shines on the Film & History Conference

The Media History Digital Library (MHDL) has digitized over 1.4 million pages of film and broadcasting publications, including Photoplay, Variety, Broadcasting, and many lesser-known titles. Film and media history’s “big data” has arrived. How can we mine the data, interpret them, and think critically about them?

These are the questions that Project Arclight team members Eric Hoyt, Kit Hughes, Derek Long, and Tony Tran will explore with attendees of the Film & History Conference in Madison, Wisconsin on November 1st. The workshop will introduce scholars to the materials and resources available through the MHDL and focus especially on Project Arclight’s methodology of Scaled Entity Search (SES).

Over half of the hour-long workshop will be left open for film historians to pursue their own research questions with the support of the Arclight team. We are excited to see what new questions, ideas, and findings emerge from the workshop!