Elena Razlogova


Elena Razlogova is Associate Professor in the History Department at Concordia University. She is a current researcher and former Co-Director of the Center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling as well as Director of the Digital History Lab. In 2004-2005, Razlogova was a Postdoctoral Fellow and served as webmaster for the Center of History and New Media at George Mason University. She was awarded the FRQSC’s New Researchers Grant (Quebec) (2007-2012) and the SSHRC Image, Text, Sound, and Technology Grant (2007-2008). Additionally, Razlogova received the Concordia University General Research Fund Grants (2006-2007) and a Concordia University Grant for the Digital History Lab (2005-2008). She is the author of The Listener’s Voice: The Cultural Economy of Radio, from the Jazz Age to the Cold War (2011) and has a recent book chapter, “The Past and Future of Music Listening: Between Freeform DJs and Recommendation Algorithms,” in Michele Hilmes and Jason Loviglio’s Radio’s New Wave (2013). One of her current projects involves an international history of surveillance in the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Razlogova has participated in numerous Digital Humanities projects, including Vertov: A Media Annotating Plugin (Executive Producer); Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives (Executive Producer); and The Guantanamobile Project. As a team member of Project Arclight, Razlogova will serve as domain expert in American cultural history, media history, and Digital Humanities in Canada, devoting time to Project Arclight’s development and using its new web-based tool to conduct research.