Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon


Charlotte Fillmore-Handlon is a PhD Student in the Humanities Program in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University. Working in and across English, Communication Studies, and Sociology, Charlotte is interested in popular culture, celebrity and fan culture, literary celebrity, and media theory. Her doctoral research explores how celebrity phenomena are constituted through various discourses that circulate through culture via diverse media channels, investigating what these discourses (and the tension between them) can tell us about the changing constitution of celebrity in Québec, Canada, and beyond our national borders. To do so, she will develop an interdisciplinary analysis of the phenomenon of Leonard Cohen across several decades, arguing that it is no longer possible to consider the literary in isolation from popular culture at large; being a Canadian writer is now inextricable from aspiring to some form of celebrity. Charlotte was the recipient of a Faculty of Arts and Science Graduate Fellowship (2011-2014) and her paper “One by One, the Ghosts Arrive: Celebrity Circulation and Bootleg Aesthetics in I am a Hotel” received an honorary mention for Best Graduate Student Paper at the 2014 Popular Culture Association of Canada Conference. She has written two journal articles, “Between the Fields: Interdisciplinary Humanities Research,” published in Inquire (3.2 (2014)) and “The Modern Life of an Ancient Text: The Gospel of Nicodemus in Manitoba” co-written by Zbigniew Izydorczyk in Apocrypha (21 (2010)). She has also written about her research at For Project Arclight, Charlotte will write for the Arclight website and will be involved in organizing the Symposium, which will take place at Concordia University on May 13-15, 2015.